Management Philosophy

Three-Way Satisfaction: Aim to Become a Century-Old Enterprise by Being Beneficial to Society, Customers, and the Company.

1.The company will carefully nurture its employees through its business and enrich both their mental and physical resources.
2. The employees will always maintain quality from customers’ perspective and deliver products and peace of mind adapted to the times.
3. As customers become loyal patrons, we will aim to become a century-old enterprise.

Management Policy 

Always identify “what must not be changed” and “what must be changed”

What must not be changed

・Maintaining the 5Ss at our factories.
・Sustaining manufacturing using the five senses.
・Recognizing that one is not the final process. Always thinking “for the next person.”
・Not cutting corners in areas that cannot be seen.
・Remembering that suppliers are like customers. They are important partners.

What must be changed

・The current state of manufacturing. Improve and reform even small things.
・Product creation and production methods in line with the times and customers.
・Our business model in line with the times.

Basic Philosophy

Based on our management philosophy, Sekiguchi Seiko aims to contribute to society and foster the healthy growth of both the company and individuals. We achieve this by enhancing our technical expertise and continuously striving for improvement through the participation of all members. We are committed to providing environmentally conscious products that meet our customers’ needs through precision machining operations.

Quality Policy

1.Contribute to quality improvement and strive to eliminate defects through the united cooperation of all employees
2. Maintain quality in line with the customer’s perspective
3. Train and educate employees to earn the trust of our customers and suppliers.

Quality Policy

1.We will strive to prevent pollution and contribute to global and regional environmental preservation.
2. We will comply with environmental laws, regulations, and stakeholder requirements.
3. We will strive to use energy efficiently in all our operations.
4. We will make effective use of resources and reduce waste.
5. We will strive to promote environmental protection activities.